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The Prince Edward Island Real Estate Market is “DISMAL” to say the least. This is according to National News Sources, the Federal/Local Governments, and CMHC. If you are going to even think about attempting to sell your Charlottetown or Stratford home, condo, or business, you need more than just the 4 P’s to get that done:


–          Take some pictures,

–          Put up a sign,

–          Post it on MLS,

–          Pray that it sells!


You need more than a friend in the in industry, a cousin, family member, or a name picked at random off a sign.


If you do not want to spend months, years, or even DECADES to sell your property, you should consider the number one brand in PEI for over 30 years; Century 21, and proven International Marketing plan that has been developed over the last 17 years. A plan that includes a YouTube video on a channel with over 522,622 views, almost 1000 subscribers, and syndication to over 1000 websites worldwide. This same plan has sold properties from $8500 to a record $5,000,000.


YouTube is owned by Google, the world’s second most popular search engine in the world, and Your Video will be included in the Google Results. This will make your property stand out against the 4,025 currently active listings on the Island. Additionally, the MLS as seen at, now allows for the inclusion of a video. If you do not have a video, you are missing out – period!


In addition to a well-produced, informational, entertaining, High-resolution (HD) YouTube video that will be marketing across the planet, you will also receive 30 (the maximum on MLS) professional grade pictures that will make your property shine and glow. I will also include a well written 1,000 character MLS description. This emotionally driven description will sell the “experience” of your home, not just the structure, and will also be peppered with keywords that will attract world-wide search engines, and billions of potential buyers including the Chinese. This is just a few of the many enhancement I will make to your listing that will make it stand out! No listing on (PEI MLS) will stand out, and attract more attention!


So do you want to play the waiting game for potentially MONTHS, YEARS, or DECADES, or put a plan of action into place NOW which starts with a complete 41 page market evaluation or your home delivered to you for FREE? If you are not educated on the market, you are wasting your time. My free report will detail properties that have sold, properties that were listed and did not sell (expired), and your current competition. Plus extra valuable “absorption rates” otherwise known as: how long it will take for your property to sell at its current price and location. This information that is not available on


As extra bonus right now, I am going to offer you a 50 page report on the “10 Steps to selling your home” which includes how to pick a REALTOR, what pitfalls to miss, and things you need to think about as an educated seller. You may download my free report by going to this link: (copy and paste).


Start marketing your property “Socially and Globally®” including to such sites as Facebook, Twitter, Social Cam, Google Plus, Reddit, Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Pinterest, Skyrock, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Live Journal, and more. Isn’t it time to make your Charlottetown property a part of the Prince Edward Island Real Estate SUPER CHANNEL? The number one source for PEI Real Estate Video.


Wait there’s more… Are you tired of an endless stream of buyers looking at your property that are not properly qualified? I also have 15 page intake form that makes sure purchasers are qualified, motivated, and ready to buy BEFORE they waste your precious time. No more tire kickers for you!


Isn’t it about time you thought about hiring a FULL TIME, qualified, experienced, knowledgeable, and trust-worthy International Marketing Specialist for your home to get it sold faster, in less time, and for more money? As a Master Certified Negotiating Expert, I will also be in your corner when the competing offers come pouring in. I will work to get you the best deal possible, with conditions you like. No more stress for you!


No property is too bug, or too small.


For more information call me at 902-888-8860, or visit (paste and copy), and check out my YouTube Channel at (paste and copy).


Happy House selling!


Michael Poczynek, CRS, MCNE, CNE, ABR, CIAS, CDPE, SRES, ePro, RECS | Century 21 Northumberland (1987) Ltd. | Commercial & Residential REALTOR®, Developer, Photographer & Videographer.


Producer of the PEI Real Estate Super Channel – Your HIGH DEFINITION Real Estate Agent. Marketing your property Socially and Globally®.


A part of all my commissions in 2014 will go to the Charlottetown Humane Society, or a Prince Edward Island charity of your choice.


Direct 902 888 8860   Web | |


Certified Residential Specialist | Master Certified Negotiation Expert | Certified Negotiation Expert | Accredited Buyer’s Representative |Certified Investor Agent Specialist | Certified Distressed Property Expert | Seniors Real Estate Specialist | Social Media Marketing Certified


MLS Descriptions are so important for Prince Edward Island Real Estate. Not only for potential buyers, but also for search engines.   A well written, emotionally driven, search engine friendly description can sell PEI Houses for Sale faster.

See these examples comparing the old description to the new for a listing I just picked up:

The other agent’s MLS description:

This quality built home located in a quiet cul de sac in Gavin Estates features an open concept kit & living room. Main floor: oak kit. with ceramic floor, kit `garage`; center island, dining area, French door to covered deck & patio; LR with propane fireplace, formal DR with French doors; 2 pc bath; laundry facilities at back door. Second floor: 4 pc bath, 3 brs wtih MBR having 4 pc ensuite (jacuzzi, separate shower), walk in closet & propane fireplace; `bonus` room with hardwood floor above garage. All floors hardwood except ceramic in bathrooms and kitchen. Basement: rec room, 3 pc bath, ceramic floor with infloor heat; furnace room, storage room, storage under stairs. Detached storage garage. Extras: 2 propane fireplaces, air exchanger, central vac & attachments, microwave & range hood, water softener. $1,500 bonus to selling agent. A new subdivision close to The French School and Greenfield Elementary. # of rooms – 12 BSZ 30 x 40

Michael Poczynek’s MLS description:

Prince Edward Island Real Estate Summerside home for sale with above ground pool located in the very prime family orientated community of Gavin Estates. Just imagine how much fun you are going to have in this large family house built for parties, fun, laugher, having visitors over, barbeques, and pool parties. This very well decorated & appointed home is so cozy for a large home; from the massive kitchen with a computer nook for looking up your recipes, to the views from the formal and informal dining areas to the multiple propane fireplaces, this home screams warmth and loving. A heated double car garage will keep your cars nice and warm on a cool day, and could double as a workshop. The basement is ready for the big screen TV with surround sound, pool table, or games room. This home is the cleanest bank foreclosure I have seen, and it is priced to sell to one new lucky owner looking for a bargain in PEI Real Estate. Wow! Exciting YouTube HD Video attached. Be sure to subscribe!

If you have ever met me, you know I’m a fairly optimistic person. I work hard to avoid and focus on the negatives of life – to me they are just something that gets in the way of enjoying it to the fullest. So when you look at the title of this post it probably throws you off as to why I’m bringing up why something WON’T work for somebody. Well, I also think that I know people – and negative news tends to get more press and attention that positive news. I guarantee if the title was “10 Reason You *Will* Make it in Real Estate”, you might not be reading this right now. Tell me I’m wrong  – haha :)

Anyhow, being an agent for over 7 years I have had the opportunity to watch what successful agents do, and what unsuccessful ones do. It’s night-and-day, folks. Here is what I can tell you – there is one thing, and one thing alone, that will cause your success or failure. And that’s YOU. More specifically your mindset.

So ask yourself – what are you thinking about most of the time when you think about your business?

Since mindset is kind-of a fuzzy subject for most people, I thought it appropriate to discuss 10 specific items why you’ll end up not making it in real estate over the long-haul.

1.  You Won’t Prospect

Prospecting conjures up big-time fear in most people’s minds. We’ve been conditioned to associate the word ‘no’ with rejection, failure, and pain. Can’t remember the stat exactly, but I have heard that by the time we’re 18 years old we have heard the word ‘no’ 250,000 times vs. ‘yes’ a mere 10,000 (apologies if I don’t have the precise #s, but I do know they are worlds apart).  So you have subconsciously learned to associate ‘no’ with not getting what you what. It’s normal – don’t feel badly about it. BUT you have to start getting back on track and re-associating ‘no’ with what you want. Real estate is a numbers game – no matter how you slice or dice it. I hear alot of real estate agents say they aren’t in sales, that they just want to help people. Nothing wrong with that, but if you want to increase your business with help lots and lots of people, you have to work through the numbers.

And please don’t hear what I’m not saying – I’m not saying that people, clients, etc are numbers. I care about everyone I talk to on the phone and don’t treat them like a number. You have to be interested in the situation and looking for a way to help them out – assuming they want help. I’ve talked to plenty of people that just don’t want to be helped, and you know what? That’s ok.

If you are going to have success in real estate, you have to prospect. There are about a million ways to prospect in real estate – I won’t go into specific because that isn’t what I’m after here, but get to it!

2. You Won’t Follow Up

Follow-up is everything in real estate. How many times have you talked to somebody for the first time and they say “Yes, I want to buy or sell a home immediately! Where do I sign up?”

Yeah, almost never.

You can’t build a lasting, concrete, sustainable business that way.

Many agents give lip service to follow up and tell people they’ll call when they are supposed to, but lack the decision to set up a follow-up task to do so. It fascinates me how many people I see in the business world (not just real estate), that say they are going to call me at such-and-such a date , or do something for me, only to find out it doesn’t get done! It’s actually more normal than abnormal, and that’s not ok.

In my business, nothing is left to chance or falls through the cracks. EVER.

If you want to last in real estate, simply be a person of your word. Everyone admires someone that does what they say they’ll do.

3. You’ll let one bad experience throw you into a downward spiral

This one is huge!!! As humans we tend to enjoy drama. All you have to do is turn on TV and find all of the great reality TV shows out there (sense the sarcasm) and you know what I’m talking about. We love to wallow in how bad a situation is and give it all of our time and energy.

Stop it!

I know it’s hard but you have to train yourself to do it. Otherwise you’ll end up broke, depressed, and unhappy.

So what do you do when something bad happens in your business, like – you lose an escrow, a client you thought was solid says they are going to work with another agent, you get a letter from the local department of real estate, a client yells at you? Is your stomach turning yet?

Here’s the secret – keep moving. Deal with the situation and do the best you can to remedy, and if you have given everything you can into turning it around or finding a solution, move on and do something else productive. Don’t let it suck you down to the bottomless pit of anxiety. That isn’t going to help you get what you want. A good word to describe this is to compartmentalize your thoughts & actions. It’s crucial for your business success (and life success, really). What I mean by this is don’t let the bad feelings you have from one problem bleed over into other parts of your life. I see it all the time.

4. You’ll think the business is too hard, when the truth is you just haven’t made the decision to be great yet 

I’m sure I might get some backlash on this, but I believe it’s important to speak the truth. Real estate is not a complicated business. You find people that want to move from one place to another, and assist them in that process. Simple. I didn’t say it was easy – it’s just not complicated. If you’ll talk to (the right) people, be genuine in your approach, and have a proactive plan of followup, you’re going to do well. You just will.

What makes real estate hard is your perception that it is hard. Again, going back to mindset. There are so many excuses people make up why real estate is hard – because of the economy, the market is bad, too much competition. And all of those reason are true – for that agent. What you need to do is instead of focusing on why it’s so hard, focus on what you’ll gain when you do well. A much more empowering perspective and one that is likely to yield substantially better results.

What does it take to be great? Your mindset of course, but underneath that you need discipline, stamina, determination, a personable attitude, the ability to ask people the right questions, a “do whatever it takes” mentality, perseverance, and the skin of a rhino (as Hector LaMarque of Primerica would say), among others.

5. You’ll say it’s too competitive

Notice what I said here. I didn’t say “because it’s too competitive”, I said “you’ll SAY it’s too competitive”. Big difference. I work in Phoenix, AZ. If you look at how many agents there are in relation to the population, it’s one of the worst areas in the entire United States to be in real estate. And that’s a fact. Just look at the numbers. Everyone here knows probably 5-7 Realtors. No joke.

But so what? If you are great, clients are going to find you. Focus on building your skill-base, cultivating relationships around you better, and associated with other like-minded professionals, and the competition is going to be virtually non-existent. I assure you.

Now do I go on listing appointments and don’t take the listing? Absolutely! All the time. But I walk out of there knowing I did everything I could to set myself up for success.

6. You will keep making the same mistakes over and over

Let’s go back to my listing appointment example – when you don’t take a listing, do you ASK the person why you didn’t get their business. I bet 9 out of 10 agents don’t.  Why don’t we? Because it’s painful & uncomfortable and means we are less than perfect. But that’s ok. By asking “why” you are humbling yourself to see what you could do differently next time to alter your results. Maybe it’s something you were completely unaware of that would make all the difference in the world. So the conversation goes like this:

“Mr. Smith, I understand you aren’t going to list with me and that’s fine – can you tell me what lead you to that decision? This way I don’t make the same mistake with the next person I sit down with to list their home (or buy a home) with me. I’d really appreciate it.”

And then shut up, they’ll tell you. Then thank them for being open and honest with you, and best wishes in your transaction.

7. You’ll choose comfort over success

I start my day on the phone. I will make anywhere from 10-50 calls depending on the day. I remember when I first starting doing this the phone looked like it weighed 100 pounds. If you make the decision to be disciplined and just get it done every day , it gets easier. Just like any good, positive habit you are trying to develop. Since it’s at the start of the day I want to get all discomfort done and over with as soon as possible. That way I can better “enjoy” the rest of the day and do things that don’t require as much mental focus.

I’m not saying that is the way you need to do it, but understand the concept – usually when we do more comfortable activities , (cleaning out the garage, updating people’s contact info in your database, working on paperwork for an escrow, etc) we find that the uncomfortable tasks tend to grow more ominous in our mind the more we postpone them, and often times we don’t do them, which ironically insures our failure.

8. You won’t make it a team sport

There are many people involved in a real estate transaction, and if you don’t have the ability to work well with others (i.e. if you are overly demanding, indifferent, rude, or unresponsive – you aren’t going to do well). Although the Realtor is “top of the food chain” so-to-speak in the transaction, treat people badly and things won’t get done, or they will get done slowly. You are the central hub of communication and it is vitally important you keep a level head at all times, regardless of what is happening.

9. Your outlook is too short-sighted

Most agents are looking for the next transaction to close in order to put food on the table, and this can cause you to cut corners or make decisions that aren’t in the best interest of your business long-term. Bottom line : do the RIGHT thing all the time and you’ll never have anything to worry about, even if it is a little painful for you in the short-term.

10. You’ll focus on your expenses instead of focusing on growing your sphere & level of influence 

We all have bills to pay. The aren’t fun, but a necessary part of life. By getting overwhelmed with your financial responsibilities you are diminishing your effectiveness in business. I once heard a speak talk about going out and buying a big house, a fancy car, and all the “stuff” that success is supposed to be in the eyes of the public. Horse rubbish.  All that does is stress you out and keep you up at night because you have no idea how you’re going to pay for everything.

Instead, keep your expenses (especially personal ones) at a minimum. You don’t need all that crap right now. I never once had a client ask me what kind of car I drive. It’s a good car, reliable, but it’s no Lamborghini, I assure you that!

Focus on finding help to help and how specifically you can provide a solution to their challenges, and you’ll always have a good income.


Open concept Viceroy home on Winter Bay, insulated/heated for year round use. Built in 2001 with glorious water views, professionally maintained ever since. 3 bedrooms, 3 full baths. Cedar siding & wrap-around decking from BC. Large kitchen and dining area with skylight, 2 sinks, 7` island with solid cherry counter top, Jenn-air range and wall oven, cabinetry with pull out trash and lazy susan. First floor master has 2 story ensuite bath, double vanity, huge soaker tub, separate shower, 2 skylights. Laundry room with front loading machines, deep sink, extra storage. �Heart pine� Pergo floors. Two high efficiency propane fireplaces in kitchen and great room provide warmth throughout the home. 2 driveways & 2 fully serviced RV sites w/separate septic. Double garage with attached shed. Insulated garage can be used as recreation room/bunk house. Adjoining land available. Wow! Exciting YouTube HD Video attached. Click on Multimedia link to view.

Waterfront Lot in Very Desirable Subdivision called The Hebrides along the North Shore of PEI. This south west exposure parcel is just waiting for you to begin enjoying those warm ocean breezes while relaxing on your very own private red sandy beach. The Hebrides is located in between New London and Stanley Bridge and offers a variety of activities for both the young and old. 9 hole par 3 golf course, heated pool, 2 tennis courts, shuffle board courts, club house, pool table, plus maintenance services of grassing cutting, water all for a reasonable price of $650 per year. Plus with also 40 miles of river around the Hebrides to boat and enjoy without having to go out to the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Don`t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to be a part of a wonderful seasonal community here on PEI. Wow! Exciting YouTube HD Video attached. Click on Multimedia link to view.

Two very private oceanfront lots for the price of one! Build on one and sell the other, or keep both for your own peaceful waterfront retreat — peaceful, yet convenient, as the lots front on Hwy. 11. The lots are already sub-divided and approved for building, located along a quiet lane that slopes gently to your own private sandy beach, perfect for clam-digging. Easy access to nearby wharf and fresh seafood, in fact, a view of the wharf is available year-round from your own beach. Watch the boats come and go. Both lots feature very mature white spruce trees along with some cleared areas. Choose your building site surrounded by nature, sand and surf! An excellent buy, worth more than just a look only 23 minutes west of Summerside and 48 minutes from Confederation Bridge. Wow! Exciting YouTube HD Video attached. Click on Multimedia link to view.

Country Living in the city with the possibility of sub-dividing lots to pay for part of the house. This home has been completely renovated from top to bottom, and is absolutely gorgeous from every angle. The best feature is the extra extra large lot, 2.2 acres, and the fact that there is nothing but forest behind you. Perfect for people that want to live in the city of Summerside, with the complete privacy of the country. There is enough room in the back yard for your own tennis courts, small putting or golf range, volleyball net, pool, trampoline, private gardens, mini-farm, and much more – could be a child`s safe paradise. This is a very rare find. Put this on your list for a definitely must see! The home is priced to sell. Wow! Exciting YouTube HD Video attached. Click on Multimedia link to view.

Imagine your life nestled into the picturesque community of New Glasgow! The spectacular views of the River Clyde and surrounding scenery are ever changing and can be viewed from every where in this gracious home. This home will surround you with a feeling of serenity and comfort. Rest awhile in the screened porch and enjoy the tranquility of the garden as you watch the sun set over the water. There is a flow here, whether alone or with 50 of your friends. Everywhere you look, the quality of this home shows, be it the beautifully beamed living room ceiling with painted clouds by Island artist Greg Garand or the exquisite spa like master bath and spacious walk in closet. You are close to every and all amenities, gourmet restaurants to golf courses. All you need is in the charming village of Rustico, and only 30 minutes from all the excitement and culture of Charlottetown.

This spectacular north shore architectural gem, sits on a bluff facing the awesome expanse of the Atlantic Ocean. Nestled in the natural landscape of 11 acres, this 13,500 sq ft home was designed by a nationally renowned American architect who also oversaw every detail of construction. No expense was spared in the construction of this home from the foundation of reinforced poured concrete to roof of Western red cedar; every effort was made to build a house meant to last generations. The exterior of the house features Cape Cod siding & imported Pennsylvania field stone from Valley Forge Mountain. The stone walls as well as all of the patios are capped in Pennsylvania flag stone, giving the house a natural feel that blends into the surrounding landscape. Windows are all Pella Architectural series windows. These solid wood windows feature aluminum cladding on the exterior as well as Vivid View screens. Wow! Exciting YouTube HD Video attached. Click on Multimedia link to view.

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